Order management for everyone

Jellyfish Order Management Software is a better way for retailers and suppliers to manage the ordering process. It is a mobile and desktop app where retailers can easily count every product they have and place orders with all of their suppliers with the simple push of a button. Jellyfish ordering is fast, simple, and efficient saving retailers and suppliers time and money.

Jellyfish lets you focus less on data entry, and more on growing your business. In this ecosystem of retailers and suppliers, everyone benefits from a better, faster, and cheaper way of managing the order process.

What’s in it for me?
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When everyone connects in one place, ordering items is faster and easier than ever

Jellyfish is an order management app for Apple, Android and desktop that makes purchasing easier for retailers and suppliers. It’s 100% free for retailers and suppliers have no user fees if they sign up in 2019! Suppliers can use our app to receive orders, send messages, and share item information in real-time with customers.

An ecosystem made for you

Jellyfish is an app made for you, giving you one-screen ordering management – no matter how many suppliers or customers you have. Jellyfish is a collaborative ecosystem developed by industry experts. It puts all suppliers and customers into an automated, scalable ordering system, eliminating mistakes and lowering costs.

We also offer integrations with accounting systems, POS systems, and inventory management systems. No more manual entry– Jellyfish does this for you at a low, flexible integration cost.

Custom API Integrations

We also offer integrations with accounting systems, POS systems, and inventory management systems. No more manual entry– Jellyfish does this for you at a low, flexible integration cost.

I am completely blown away with Jellyfish. So well thought out and constructed. Great job, guys!

Noah Heaney
Owner, Miner Saloon

There’s no reason why any bar manager shouldn’t use Jellyfish for their counting and ordering.

Gerard Collier
Assistant Manager, Fox Restaurants

Having all our orders in one place and at our fingertips let’s account managers roll in and get what they need to get done, done

Zach Johnston
Owner & CEO, The Spice Guy


Solve the painful ordering process

Stop ordering from each supplier individually

Having to order from each supplier in different ways is a huge waste of time. Jellyfish lets you order from all your suppliers on the same screen with one push of a button, reducing the amount of time spent creating orders by 75% or more.

Less time spent on counting and ordering

With the Jellyfish Order Management System, you can place orders without counting your items first or you can count your items and they will appear in the app for quick review and ordering before moving to the next item. Saving you hours in the process.

Go mobile

Use our mobile apps for Apple and Android to count and order. Just scan the barcode on the item you need and add it to your cart on the fly. Then, order with one push, wherever you are– at your store or on-the-go. Jellyfish is designed for your business.


Eliminate errors and wasted time

Specialty customer management software built for suppliers

Manage your distribution centers, reps, and customers all from one tool. Jellyfish increases efficiency, accuracy and helps reduce your reps administrative workload so they can spend more time with your customers generating revenue.

Real-time order management

Manage all your customer orders in one app with Jellyfish. With the Jellyfish mobile apps, reps can review and approve orders right from their phone in real-time.

Grow your customer base

Once you upload your item catalog into Jellyfish, businesses will see your items in their searches and can send you a new customer request in the app.