Transparent order management with in-app communications.


Time to grow your business instead of managing orders.


Eliminate costly order errors without contracts, commitments, or fees.


We offer integrations with accounting systems and POS systems. No more manual entry of orders and invoices. Jellyfish takes care of these tasks with easy integration to the most popular accounting and POS solutions.

An Ecosystem for You!

Buyers can quickly reorder products for their business from any supplier at any time. Jellyfish reduces the amount of time spent creating orders by 75%. You can easily reorder from all your suppliers at the same time with one push of a button.

Suppliers can offer their buyers online ordering and receive orders directly from their customers. Jellyfish costs pennies after 24 free orders per month. In most cases, Jellyfish saves the supplier $20 or more per order in data entry, processing, and customer service.