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Industry Leading Mobile Ordering, Invoicing, Payments, and DSD app for Suppliers & Sales Reps

Innovative Square® Payment Processing Tools

Integration with QuickBooks Online® & Xero®

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Android & iOS App Ordering

Receive & accept orders through any
android or iOS device.

Invoicing & Payment Processing

Get paid faster with online invoicing
and payment processing.

DSD Sales & Supplier Tools

Drivers can accept payments
on delivery through Square.

Order. Invoice. Deliver.

End-to-end order management for suppliers, sales reps, & drivers.

Suppliers can offer their buyers free online ordering and receive orders directly from their customers. Jellyfish costs suppliers pennies per order. Jellyfish saves supplier, sales reps, and drivers data entry time, order processing, payments, and customer service.

Simple Integration at Your Fingertips

Eliminate the need to double your efforts and time expenditure logging into separate accounting and payment processing platforms. Streamline your ordering and invoicing processes with Xero, Quickbooks Online, and Square integrations.

Pricing Details

Most order management solutions charge buyers and sellers expensive set-up fees, monthly subscription costs, and high on-boarding fees. Jellyfish order management is always free for buyers and only 50 cents per order received for sellers.

Suppliers, Sales Reps, & Drivers

  • Receive orders electronically from your customers.
  • Eliminate sales rep order data input each day.
  • Reps approve/reject orders and message their customers.
  • Customers track order status through the app.
  • Direct communication to your customer base in one app.
  • Update your customer’s pricing and rep contact in real-time.

Buyers & Retailers

  • Use order guides with the negotiated pricing.
  • Manage your cash flow with order total and a grand total.
  • Build your orders from the stock with inventory counts.
  • Barcode scanning with phone camera or Bluetooth scanner.
  • Staff management including purchasing restrictions.
  • Manage multiple locations – each with location, catalog, & staff.

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