Jellyfish Affiliate Program

Would you like to add an order management solution to your product line to make some extra money each month? Jellyfish is a specialized CRM for suppliers that helps manage items, customers, specialized pricing, and order tracking.

Join the Jellyfish affiliate program and earn 10% on order processing fees. Jellyfish is the innovative app/software solution changing the order management process for buyers and sellers, so it is a no-brainer for suppliers who are tired of fuzzy orders and tragic communications!

How do I get paid?

You get paid 10% on every revenue generating event.

Suppliers get 24 orders free per month.
Starting on the 25th order each month, suppliers pay .60 per order placed. This is where your affiliate commission begins.
Affiliates are paid when the supplier pays for the number of monthly orders received.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much and how often are commissions?

The Jellyfish affiliate program is available for anyone who signs up new sellers or suppliers.  Each eligible order past the 24 free orders earns the affiliate 10% commission. We pay commission monthly.

What marketing materials do you give me?

Marketing materials help you close the deal with your suppliers. With this in mind, we supply you with downloadable flyers to leave with suppliers to explain the benefits of Jellyfish, an “overcoming objections” sheet to help you answer the top questions in real-time, sales videos and tutorials for suppliers, and hands-on setup from a customer support representative at no charge – the $599 setup fee waived for every sign up.