Mobile Ordering, Invoicing, Payments, and DSD app for Suppliers & Sales Reps

Using Jellyfish costs pennies per order and saves the supplier up
to $20 per order in data entry, processing, and customer service.

Jellyfish Order Management & CRM Features

  • Get orders electronically from your customers.
  • Receive & accept orders through any Android or iOS device.
  • Customers track order status through the app.
  • Automated reordering notifications to remind customers of purchase deadlines.
  • Direct communication through in-app messaging.
  • Update your customer’s pricing and rep contact in real-time.
  • Give customers negotiated pricing and special item lists.
  • Get paid faster with online invoicing and payment processing.
  • Require pre-payment through Square before shipping for slow payers.
  • Drivers can accept payments on delivery through Square.
  • Integrate with Xero and Quickbooks Online to streamline invoicing.
  • Free buyer accounts for all of your customers.
  • Easy reordering of items with the Zebra barcode scanner or phone camera.

Receive more than 1000 orders per month? Contact us for special pricing.

Jellyfish Supplier Desktop

Easily manage your accounts with crucial information right at your fingertips in the Jellyfish supplier dashboard.

Jellyfish Supplier Sales Rep App

Give your sales reps in the field the freedom of mobility.