Eliminate Order Errors & Wasted Time

Using Jellyfish costs pennies per order and saves the supplier up
to $20 per order in data entry, processing, and customer service.

Jellyfish Order Management & CRM Features

  • Receive orders electronically from your customers.
  • Eliminate sales rep order data input each day.
  • Reps approve/reject orders and message their customers.
  • Customers track order status through the app.
  • Reduce ordering mistakes due to confusing texts,, VMs, and faxes.
  • Direct communication to your customer base in one app.
  • Reps have visibility and accountability for all of the orders received.
  • Provide your customers with an innovative ordering system for free.
  • Update your customer’s pricing and rep contact in real-time.
  • Create custom or proprietary items on a per-customer basis.
  • Create multiple locations from the web app.
  • Select the states your locations cover.
  • Manage your employees and item catalog by location.
  • Manage customers by location, contact info, and negotiated pricing.
  • Print out approved orders for picking in your warehouse.
  • View customers” purchase reports by dollar volume or quantity.

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Jellyfish Supplier Desktop

Easily manage your accounts with crucial information right at your fingertips in the Jellyfish supplier dashboard.

Jellyfish Supplier Sales Rep App

Give your sales reps in the field the freedom of mobility.