Ordering and Shipping Errors Cost Calculator

To calculate the cost of Order and Shipping errors, add your numbers to each of the boxes. You can use tab to move between boxes.

Task Cost
Answering the call from a customer that didn't receive what they ordered
Researching where the error happened and deciding on a course of action
Creating a new order for the correct item
Picking the replacement item 
Labeling and packing material for the replacement item
Generating the shipping documents for the replacement item
Shipping or delivery of the replacement item
Generating the RMA and shipping documents for the inbound returned item
Shipping of the returned item
Receiving, QA, and putaway of the returned item
Processing the customer credit
Cost of an average item if you give it to the customer instead of doing an RMA
TOTAL cost of one shipping error
Cost of Errors
Cost of Each Error:
# of Errors (per month):
Total Cost (per month):
Average Profits
Average Profit per Order
How many new orders does it take to cover the cost of monthly errors?