Jellyfish Enterprise is based upon the state-of-the-art Jellyfish order management system. This allows you to have all the features and functionalities that you want without the distractions of the Jellyfish wholesale ecosystem of buyers and sellers.

What does this mean to you? Your customers only see your products and order from your item catalog!

Jellyfish Enterprise Supplier Features

  • Competitors info not available to customers.
  • Receive orders electronically from customers.
  • Eliminate daily rep order data input with app.
  • Reps directly approve/reject orders.
  • Update customer’s pricing & rep contact in real-time.
  • Innovative ordering system for free for customers.
  • Direct communication with customers in app.
  • Reps quickly message customers in app.
  • Customers track order status through the app.
  • Manage employees & item catalog by location.
  • Print out orders for picking in your warehouse.
  • Integration with accounting system or ERP.

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Jellyfish Supplier Desktop

Easily manage your accounts with crucial information right at your fingertips in the Jellyfish supplier dashboard.

Jellyfish Supplier Sales Rep App

Give your sales reps in the field the freedom of mobility.