Using Jellyfish cost pennies per order and – in most cases – saves the supplier $100 or more per order in data entry, processing and customer service.

More than any other retail business in the US today, the Cannabis industry is the most regulated and the fastest growing (by dollar volume). Each state is a stand alone industry with unique regulatory requirements, supply chains, and challenges. For the retailer, making sure that they have what they need to operate and remain compliant with regulations for reporting, labeling, packaging, payment processing, and more is a challenge – to say the least. It only takes one supplier missing their delivery, a downed network, or a POS system outage to close the store.

At the same time, more states are opening up to legal cannabis and hemp. The Federal Government legalized and defined commercial hemp for the entire US in 2018. Commercial hemp farming is the biggest aquacultural opportunity of the past 200 years. Recently, the House of Representatives passed legislation that – if approved by the Senate – could legalize cannabis for the entire United States, as Canada has done. Because the industry is still in its early stages of commercial development, there is a unique opportunity to create some industry wide standards and tools for common business process automation issues like order and vendor management. If we all agree to solve the same problem the same way, we all get a better outcome at a lower cost and none of us ever has to worry about this issue again. This is true for the retailer and the suppliers.

How Does Jellyfish Benefit Cannabis Retailers

In the cannabis industry, it is rare that suppliers provide their own ordering tools and portal. If suppliers have a portal, it only works for them and it’s usually cumbersome for their buyers.

Cannabis retailers do business with dozens of suppliers to order items like:

  • Displays & Shelving
  • Electronics & Computers
  • Office Supplies
  • Accessories & Cleaning Products
  • Topical & Drinks
  • Apparel & Novelty Items
  • Scales, Trays, and Stash Bags
  • Internal Ordering from Processing Facilities

Jellyfish gives the retailer one tool to manage all suppliers and orders on the device that is already in their pocket: a smartphone. Download your free Jellyfish retail and buyer app for your smartphone or tablet now:

Jellyfish Boosts Cannabis Suppliers & Sellers

For the supplier, Jellyfish is a cost effective tool to eliminate the manual order entry and administration process. Using Jellyfish cost pennies per order and – in most cases – saves the supplier $100 or more per order in data entry, processing and customer service. Jellyfish also creates a marketplace where new retailers and buyers can find suppliers for what they need, right now.

Cannabis suppliers sell products to buyers like:

  • Labels & Packaging
  • Pots & Soil
  • Lighting & Fixtures
  • Cloth & Tents
  • Monitoring Controls & Systems
  • Hydroponic Supplies & Equipment

Sellers benefit from Jellyfish with the ability to:

  • Connect to a new customer immediately.
  • Manage their item catalog, customers, and negotiated pricing.
  • Manage and coordinate orders with their distribution center.
  • Communicate with their customers directly through the app.
  • Drive promotion and display products in the online catalog to find new buyers.
  • Give their Reps a CRM and Order Management application on their phone.

For the first time in their career, sales reps and suppliers will know exactly what percentage of the customers spend they are getting every month. This means the sales team can focus their time on the customers with the most potential for growth and still give all their customers a higher level of customer service and responsiveness.

Jellyfish Grows the Cannabis Market for Buyers & Suppliers

The cannabis industry has so much opportunity ahead of it and so many of the challenges will soon be a thing of the past. This means the industry will move into a time of much faster growth. Tools like Jellyfish can help facilitate the acceleration of growth. Jellyfish helps retailers scale their supply chain with confidence and suppliers scale their sales and customer service in unprecedented ways.

Jellyfish Order Management Software

Jellyfish order management software helps buyers and suppliers in the cannabis industry to create, send, and receive orders better, faster, and cheaper. No contracts, commitments, or setup fees. Find out more about how Jellyfish OMS can streamline order management for cannabis industry buyers and sellers today. 

Download your free Jellyfish retail and buyer app for your smartphone or tablet now: