Adding robust Square payment processing tools is an important step forward to close the sales loop for buyers and suppliers.

(Denver, Colorado, May 26, 2020) – Jellyfish, the innovative order management system, is taking the next step in delivering a complete ordering solution for retailers and suppliers. The agile order management system is pioneering quick reordering of products and stocked items directly from all suppliers in one portal by adding invoicing and payment processing to their long line of customer-centric features.

With the addition of Square payment processing features, Jellyfish buyers can receive invoices from sellers and pay the invoices directly in the mobile app or desktop order management platform. Jellyfish suppliers will have several customer payment options. Suppliers can require pre-payment of orders and send invoices to customers. In the future, Jellyfish users will be able to pay delivery drivers on-the-spot (COD). All three new Square options allow buyers to immediately close invoices and sellers to receive payments faster.

Jellyfish already provides integrations with accounting software like Xero and QuickBooks Online to allow companies to easily process PO’s and invoices. Teaming up with Square will take the robust Jellyfish order management solution to the next level by closing the ordering loop. Jellyfish removes the chaos around ordering – now it is going to streamline the billing process. By keeping the orders and the billing in one application that both the buyers and the sellers equally participate in, everyone will save hours of time and significant amounts of money.

“Adding robust Square payment processing tools is an important step forward to close the sales loop for buyers and suppliers. Now buyers can pay invoices directly in the Jellyfish app and sellers can require pre-payment for products. This is a ground-breaking step forward for order management tools and we are proud to say that Jellyfish is leading the way,” states Kevin Reynolds, Vice President of Product Management.


About Jellyfish Order Management System

Jellyfish is the order management system that connects business owners to suppliers to reorder anything from anyone at any time with one push of a button. Jellyfish reduces the amount of time spent creating orders by 75%. Suppliers can offer their buyers online ordering and receive orders directly from their customers while reducing data entry and processing errors. Learn more about Jellyfish order management system today at

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