Order management made simple

Add items to the Jellyfish cart and send all of your orders straight to your reps with a single button push. Each of your reps will only sees their portion of the order. Jellyfish OMS gives you time and date stamps and status updates increase accuracy, efficiency and add accountability to the ordering process for both you and your reps.

A 100% free way for purchasers to order with their suppliers

Jellyfish is a completely free order management app for retail users. Sign up now to speed up your inventory and ordering process today!


  • Order from all your suppliers at the same time, even if your supplier is not on Jellyfish.
  • Use your order guides with the negotiated pricing your suppliers agreed to.
  • Discover new items or suppliers in the item searches.
  • Manage your cash flow with a running order total by distributor and a grand total spend so that you can meet minimum spends while staying within your budget.
  • Use your order history to negotiate better pricing with your suppliers.
  • Build your orders from the stock you just counted.
  • Use the in-app messaging so all of your work communication is saved.

Product Counts

  • No more printing spreadsheets (Save $$ on paper and time).
  • Reduce the time it takes to count your inventory by an average of 75%.
  • All counts are automatically extended in the app.
  • Increased accuracy and efficiency.
  • Barcode scanning using your phone’s camera or a bluetooth scanner.


  • Available on iOS, Android, and as a web app.
  • Completely free for you and you can add any staff members to the app.
  • Staff management (including purchasing restrictions).
  • Manage multiple sites, each with their own site catalog and staff.
  • Reduce your administrative workload so you can spend more time with your customers generating revenue.

Easily order from all of your suppliers in one place

Roll all of your supplier phone calls, emails, texts and online portals into one app that you can use wherever you go.

Designed by industry experts with your environment specifically in mind, you can use Jellyfish on any Apple or Android phone or tablet. It’s also available from your web browser.

To put an item in your order, simply scan it, type in a name or number into the search bar, or scroll through your own site catalog!

The interface is designed with your day-to-day in mind like one-screen order reviews, reporting capabilities and one-push ordering for multiple suppliers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Jellyfish different from the other ordering systems on the market?

Jellyfish is a non-proprietary app that works with all suppliers and is non-proprietary. We are not a buyers co-op.

Is this an accounting system?

No, Jellyfish does not do accounting. We are a specialty order and supplier management solution. We integrate with top accounting systems like Xero and QuickBooks Online.

Do I still negotiate my pricing directly with my suppliers?

Yes, all negotiating happens between you and your supplier. Once you negotiate your best price, the supplier puts it into your order guide in Jellyfish.

Can I buy from any supplier or just your approved suppliers?

You can buy from any supplier in the world. We don’t limit your options.

Do I pay in Jellyfish for the items I buy?

Invoicing is done by your supplier. Just like it always has been.