Untangle your pricing obstacles

Jellyfish is free for buyers and simply priced for their suppliers.

Using the app is 100% free for retail users. Suppliers are billed a low monthly fee and a very low flat fee for each order they receive. Our consumption-based model means you only pay for what you need.

Supplier Pricing

Don’t get locked into a monthly subscription you won’t use

Jellyfish gives you the convenience of using the app whenever you need it right from your smartphone. We offer flexible pricing designed to fit your business. You will never pay for more than you actually use on the app. See what Jellyfish can do for your business.

Supplier user fees are waived throughout 2019! 

TierOrder #sCost per order
Tier 10-24$0.00
Tier 225-99$0.60
Tier 3100-999$0.50
Tier 41,000-9,999$0.40
Tier 510,000-99,999$0.30
Tier 6100,000+$0.27

Custom API Integrations

We also offer integrations with accounting systems, POS systems, and inventory management systems. No more manual entry– Jellyfish does this for you at a low, flexible integration cost.