Untangle your suppliers

Order from all of your suppliers on one screen. No more phone tag, emails and forgotten portal logins to order what you need. Easily search and connect with new suppliers that expand your own offerings.

Multiple vendors, no problem!

Jellyfish gives retailers, suppliers and their reps visibility and accuracy into the whole order and customer management processes with instantly updated prices and inventory.

Save time

See immediate savings on time spent managing orders and juggling suppliers

Standardize processes

With Jellyfish you place orders with every supplier the same way, every time– greatly reducing the chance for order errors

Easy order management

Add all the items you want to order to your cart and Jellyfish splits orders for you and sends them to the right supplier or rep

Negotiated pricing

You will see your negotiated pricing and order guides for each of your suppliers, so you’ll always get up-to-date deals

All of your suppliers in one place

Roll all of your supplier phone calls, emails, texts and online portals into one app that you can use wherever you go.

Designed by industry experts with your environment specifically in mind, you can use Jellyfish on any Apple or Android phone or tablet. It’s also available from your web browser.

To put an item in your order, simply scan it, type in a name or number into the search bar, or scroll through your own site catalog!

The interface is designed with your day-to-day in mind like one-screen order reviews, reporting capabilities and one-push ordering for multiple suppliers.