The tricky part is knowing how to make the most of every minute your employees spend ordering, tracking, and receiving inventory.

Whether you are in the beginning stages of starting a spa or expanding a thriving resort, it is a mistake to discount the impact of competition in any location. From single massage locations to multi-location hospitality destinations – every competitive advantage means the difference between success and failure.

Spa owners and resort managers must streamline employee efforts with technology to save time and money in order to stay competitive and outpace the competition.

11 Way to Create Success for Spas , Fitness Centers, & Resorts

People in business are always saying, “work smarter, not harder.” While that is a quaint cliche, few successful spas, wellness centers, and resorts are suffering from the inability to work smarter or harder. The tricky part is knowing how to make the most of every minute your employees spend ordering, tracking, and receiving inventory.

Here are the 11 best ways to optimize efforts to build a competitive advantage:

  1. Audit your processes & workflow. Many spas, wellness centers, and resorts create a workflow and process for completing tasks to avoid wasting time and duplicating efforts. The failure ultimately occurs when the workflow is not routinely updated to make sure that time-saving tasks are not outdated. Finding a better way to streamline tasks can directly change the bottom line for most service based industries by freeing up employees to help customers.
  2. Delegate ordering tasks to employees. The task of ordering might fall on a busy resort clerk or spa manager wearing many hats. By delegating the ordering responsibility to several people, the size of the overall task decreases into small, bite-sized chunks for each employee.
  3. Build in ordering transparency. Employers and owners struggle to hand off ordering tasks to employees due to the loss of transparency. Set up your order management solution to provide the account owner with notices for new ordering suggestions, communications with suppliers, and clear information about the status of each order. By building in transparency, owners and employers can keep an eye on the progress of orders and focus on the bigger picture of running a spa, wellness center, or resort.
  4. Let suppliers manage prices & contact details. Suppliers, manufacturers, and distributors change prices and seller reps several times per year. Many spas, wellness centers, and resorts spend hours making updates to pricing lists or never receive a notice that their supplier rep has changed positions. Giving suppliers the abilities to manage their own pricing in your order catalog and update their contact details saves data entry time, missed orders, and late delivery dates.
  5. Step away from the pen & paper. Writing down inventory counts and order data increases the amount of time that employees spend completing purchasing activities and the opportunity for error. Scanning barcodes to order or searching an online catalog for items makes the process of ordering easy and convenient. Once all items are scanned into your OMS and placed in your cart, you can hit place order and move on with other duties without backtracking through long lists of item numbers to find errors.
  6. Avoid multiple ordering systems. Whether it takes you a few seconds or a few minutes to login to each order portal, most owners and managers understand the waste of time. Find an OMS that allows you to order everything from one system without switching between solutions. Saving time, training, and frustration of locating usernames and passwords means employees can go on to other tasks.
  7. Refuse to count inventory. Many order management solutions require you to count your inventory before sending orders. The fact is that spas, wellness centers, and resorts can look on the shelf to quickly identify what needs to be ordered. If a special will include coconut oil or a certain service, you do not need to do an entire inventory to know if you have enough product to meet demand. Your inventory counts should not stand in the way of daily ordering.
  8. Stop wasting time in rep meetings. It can be hard to run a spa, wellness center, or resort smoothly with unplanned visits from reps and vendors. While most business owners slip into a natural rhythm of visitations with their suppliers, setting up a schedule for visits can help you plan your orders and maximize time for both of you. Allowing reps to visit during the slow times or using remote ordering only gives you the ability to focus on what makes you money – your customers.
  9. Order anytime, anywhere with an app. The days of writing things down for a rep or supplier to submit to their company for ordering are over. The camera on your phone serves as a barcode reader that connects directly to the Jellyfish ordering app to make locating the product you need quick and convenient. Whether on a wi-fi network or not, the app works to give multiple people ordering abilities at the same time and syncs to avoid duplication.
  10. Review Spending reports. Spending reports help owners of spas, fitness centers, and resorts understand their expenses and track expenditures. Customized reports make it easy for business owners to target their most expensive items and find new suppliers. Tracking these expenses can also help buyers negotiate lower prices and better deals based on buying volume. From lowering overall cost to pinpointing expenses, spending reports regularly reviewed can give insight to help guide the bottom line.
  11. Receive order alerts & notices. An order management system is not complete without the ability to notify you of pending shortages to streamline the ordering process. Notices will let you know if you are depleting the amount you ordered and make suggestions about future orders to help you avoid running out. For a spa, wellness center, or resort, running out of a product can mean the loss of revenue and reputation. While you might not want to reorder every suggested item, automatic notices will help you increase your competitive advantage and save time.

In order to grow, a business needs an order management solution that streamlines the workflow and makes the most of employee time. Using technology to optimize efforts and increase efficiency in the ordering process ensures that you have the transparency needed to make sound buying decisions, track orders through to delivery, and meet customer demand.

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