Flexible, pay-per-transaction pricing

See immediate ROI with Jellyfish CRM’s low tiered pricing. Your first 24 orders per month are free, and after that just pennies per order!

TierOrder #sCost per order
Tier 10-24$0.00
Tier 225-99$0.60
Tier 3100-999$0.50
Tier 41,000-9,999$0.40
Tier 510,000-99,999$0.30
Tier 6100,000+$0.27

Jellyfish CRM Features

Supplier Reps

  • Reports on best-selling products are included to help reps increase sales.
  • Direct communication to your customer base in one app.
  • Reduce ordering mistakes with no more missed phone calls and garbled voicemails, text messages that don’t get replies, or emails sitting in spam folders.
  • Reps will have total visibility and increased accountability for all of the orders they receive directly from their customers through this app.
  • Reps will approve and reject orders or message their customers right from their phone.
  • Approved orders are immediately visible to the back office/warehouse for processing.

Suppliers and Distributors

  • Create multiple Distribution Centers from the web app.
  • Select the states your Distribution Centers cover.
  • Manage your employees by Distribution Center.
  • Each Distribution Center can have multiple item catalogs
  • Manage your reps by Sales Division.
  • Manage customers by Distribution Center, view contact information and set negotiated pricing.
  • Update your customer’s pricing in real time.
  • Create custom or proprietary items on a per-customer basis.
  • Provide your customers with one of the best ordering systems available for free.
  • Current and potential retailers have access to your entire product catalog by just searching for your business name or item in Jellyfish.
  • Print out approved orders for picking in your warehouse.
  • View reports on which customers purchase the most by dollar volume or quantity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will all customers see my best pricing?

No! Customers will either see your list price or their privately negotiated price.

Will all my competitors be in Jellyfish and will my customers be able to easily switch to a competitor?

Your competitors may be on Jellyfish. We provide the retailer with a single ordering system to order from all their suppliers. But, the customer still needs to request an account with a new supplier before they can place an order with them in Jellyfish.

I already have a customer relationship manager.

Most customer relationship management software only does a portion of what Jellyfish can. Jellyfish manages your item catalog, Sales Divisions, negotiated pricing, reps, customers, and what orders flow where. We are a very specialized CRM for suppliers.