Jellyfish is the free B2B app that helps you simplify reordering for your business by letting you order from all your suppliers at the same time. Jellyfish lets you order from all your suppliers on the same screen with one push of a button – reducing the amount of time spent creating orders by 75% or more.

Jellyfish Order Management Software is fast and easy, you can add items to your cart on your mobile device or desktop and send orders straight to your reps with a single click. Jellyfish splits up your order and sends each supplier their part saving you the extra steps of logging into separate portals.

Compared to the old way of doing it by paper and phone calls, wow, this is so much easier. It brings order to the chaos! You can use either an Apple or Android phone/tablet or a Zebra bluetooth scanner to quickly choose what products need re-ordering.

Download the Jellyfish app today to get your free order management solution so you can order anything at anytime from anyone!

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